AHA review: video chat for friends and strangers

Are you tired of ordinary communication programs and the fact that you are always ignored by others? Are you tired of trying to mislead, dishonest information and lies about gender? Do you want to build a real friendship with people around the world without looking at their profile? Do you live in a place where […]

How to respond to a declaration of love, if you do not love

“I do not love you”. How is it correct and polite to refuse a man in response to a love confession? Such situations, of course, happen less often than mutual love, but still we have to explain ourselves. So, how is it worthy to get out of the embarrassing situation?   There are some rules by […]

How to show a man that you like him correctly

A man will never pay attention to a woman who hangs around his neck. Therefore, if you have not yet been able to achieve reciprocity from the man, this article is for you. The strong sex loves to remain a hunter even in love affairs. Therefore, your initiative should be invisible, but effective. Obsession is […]

Grindr review

The Grindr is not just a gay, lesbian and bisexual dating application. It is a true anonymous social network, where people with non-traditional sexual orientation can meet people like them without disclosing personal information about themselves. It is a popular application with a high online presence, a large number of users and enhanced functionality. Overview […]

MyLove review

MyLove is a popular free online dating site with mobile dating applications for Android and iOS devices.  Why MyLove has been popular for more than 10 years? You can really meet your true love here; More than 32,000,000 verified profiles of girls and guys; Thousands of people in your city want to find new friends […]

How to survive a crisis in a relationship

Those who tell you that there have never been any quarrels or scandals in their relationship, or deceit, or simply never lived together. Everyone else is very clear on the phrase “relationship crisis”. When the period of courtship is replaced by the decision to live together, when you share a dream, breakfast and a common […]

5 tips on how to start a relationship

If you are tired of hearing that “the sea is full of fish”, but personal experience brings only disappointment, it is time to change tactics. Hints from psychologists will ensure a successful catch, arming you with the rule of five “no”. 1. Don’t look for the only one The sooner you put out of your […]

Why do people read someone else’s correspondence

If you’re sure there’s no room for something personal in a relationship, we have some bad news for you. Quietly checking your partner’s messengers, social networks or emails is not an innocent prank, but a violation of personal boundaries. If you are doing this yourself or if you have caught someone spying on you, you […]

The main mistakes in the beginning of dating

You have just entered into an interesting communication or went on a first date, and suddenly the applicant for the title of the other half gives a turn from the gate. The question immediately arises: what was wrong?  We decided to tell you the main reasons for this behavior. 1. You don’t take good care of […]

Create a unique profile on a dating website

If you ask any modern teenagers what he or she is afraid of the most, almost 90% of this audience will definitely answer that they are afraid of losing their smartphones or computers. However, the Internet can be exploited not only to make our routine dwelling more enjoyable. We can also utilize our smartphones or […]