Benefits of Video Chats Over Messengers

Benefits of Video Chats Over Messengers

Have you ever considered how often do people in the modern world talk to each other? How often does one open a message or answers a video call? Undoubtedly, each second there are hundred thousands of such actions taking place. And the major reason for this is the accessibility of communication tools owing to  the Internet and its most notable technological developments like social media, instant messengers and video chats.

Let us define the basic terms first. Messenger stands for a mobile app used for sending of instant messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, links as well as for group chats. Video chat, on the other hand, is an online face-to-face, visual communication performed with other Internet users by using a webcam. These two may seem to be alike in their functions and purposes, though, there are still a number of differences between them we are going to cover in this article.

Video Chats or Messengers: Which One is Best

When comparing video chats and messengers, one should clearly understand that these two pursue different purposes. Messengers are usually used for short questions, sharing of music, and so on. Video calls are designed to bring people closer wherever they are with the help of the universal online space.

Therefore, the following are the major benefits of video chats over instant messaging tools:


  • less ambiguity: text messages may bring ambiguity into a conversation as they are often incapable to show shades of one’s emotions or mood. Thus, people may lose hues of sarcasm or irony when texting.


  • humanization of a conversation: video is moving pictures, which are worth more than a million words. By showing yourself and seeing others, you can work the charms of body language, which is so important.



    • opportunity to show things: seeing is believing, and showing is convincing. Through video conferencing, you can show things thus giving your companion a feeling of presence and engagement.


  • no distraction: conducting video calls is all up to you, while text message may come any time and distract you from whatever you may be doing. Huge disadvantage for those lacking concentration.


  • better communication: obviously, it is always better to explain things in face-to-face (even online) communication than in thousands of characters. Why so? Cause talking is not only about making sound but also using body language.

To sum up, there are two basic online communication tools, namely online video chats and instant messengers. The former is deemed to be more efficient and coherent way to communicate in the online space as it helps to avoid any kind of ambiguity, humanizes a conversation and involves body language. These and many more other vital issues are definitely lost during communication in text messengers.


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