Nine Topics Facilitating Flirting in Video Chats

Nine Topics Facilitating Flirting in Video Chats

A video chat is nothing but a perfect way to meet your future date. And the reason for this is that people increasingly love communicating online. With technologies having been developing on a rapid race in the recent years, online communications turn out to be one of the most convenient ways to communicate with people from all over the world. So is it for flirting and online dating.

When it actually comes to flirting online, especially in the video chats, people start feeling frustrated. It seems during a video conference with someone appealing the level of awkwardness reaches its peak and there is no other option rather than finish a conversation as soon as possible. But, this is not how thing should work, especially for young and single people from all corners of the world. These have to learn to flirt online and here is how!

Online Flirting Tips and Hints

The most important thing in any conversation is its topic. When both sides are interested in the topic, there are no doubts things go smooth. Therefore, for one to ensure that his or her partner is open and not bored, it is vital to pick up the right subject matter. Below are our top nine topics which would significantly facilitate online flirting.

Among the best flirting topics are:

    • Unusual experiences: have you ever met someone famous or fascinating? Did something bizarre or intriguing ever happen to you?
    • Passions: the fact that you are so passionate about something shows that you have clear values and know what drives you in life.
    • Common interests: there is nothing more uniting than being interested in the same things and share different perspectives on them.


  • Early struggles to get ahead: this topic helps to better understand what the other person has been through and find several touch points.


  • Early years: joke at the partner’s funny childish hairstyle and wait for the reaction, it will help you come closer and start flirting.



    • Pop culture: try playing “would you rather…” about different celebrities and make it a fun and coqueting experience.


  • Travelling: tell each other weird travel stories and enjoy smile of each other across the screen.


  • Key life lessons learnt: if you have any valuable anecdotes where you learned a good lesson, tell it.
  • Observations about a partner: do this by cold reading or just flat out telling a person  how he or she comes across to heat up the conversation a bit.

Generally speaking, flirting is nothing but a playful conversation on the topics of interest to both parties. Therefore, to make a video chat flirting a nice way to pick somebody up put your effort on finding the appropriate topic and enjoy a flirtatious conversation.


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