Ways to amuse your interlocutor on a video chat

Ways to amuse your interlocutor on a video chat

Only several years ago people used to spend much more time with each other. However, nowadays the situation has changed considerably, and sometimes even those human beings who are close to each other cannot be together even for a couple of hours per day. As lots of psychologists believe, the most significant reason why it’s happened is the development of the internet in the second part of the previous century. A younger generation would rather play some online games or watch a movie on their mobile devices or computers than go for a walk with their friends.

It’s hard to deny that fact what such a behavior of modern teenagers lead to the situation when there’s nobody who is close to them and can support and help find some ways to solve their problems. Recently some of the software engineers have got concerned about such a tendency. That’s why these professionals started developing services specifically for communication. The most popular websites which are aimed to solve this issue are video chats. However, even though it is easy to find a user for a single conversation, it is quite complicated to meet somebody who will become your true online friends. This article will show you some ways to amuse people on a video chat.


If you want to amuse other users on a video chat, you should show your interlocutors that you are an open-minded individual. In this case the best thing you can do is to smile. Recently some psychologists have proven that those people who look happy are trusted more than others.

Furthermore, smile is not only a great way to attract other users because it also has an amazing impact on your personal mental state. If you try to smile oftener, you will start feeling much better even in the most difficult situations.

Praise your interlocutors

One more thing which will help you amuse other users of video chats is the fact that you praise your interlocutor. You can tell some phrases of appreciation when you see what your online friend has made something great. However, never flatter because another person will easily notice that you don’t tell him the truth.

Body language is essential

Most of the people don’t even pay attention to how their body behaves at the particular situation. However, if you try to copy your interlocutor’s movements, he will notice it mentally, and your body language will make him trust you more.


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