7 Most Unexpected Facts about ChatRoulette

7 Most Unexpected Facts about ChatRoulette

Recently, ChatRoulette has become one of the leading random chats that gathered more than a million users. Popularity continues to grow and this is not surprising: the ability to chat with a random person from anywhere in the world is appealing and intriguing. Did you know the following facts about the random online chat?

  • ChatRoulette was created by a Russian schoolboy

Thought the site is English-language and has an American domain, it was developed in Russia. In 2009, Andrei Ternovskiy, an 11th-grade student at a Moscow school, created the first version of ChatRoulette. The service has become incredibly popular, and Andrew received many offers from investors, and as a result, he moved to the United States. Ternovskiy did not sell the resource to Yandex or Google but continued to manage the resource himself.

  • ChatRoulette – is not a sweet place for exhibitionists and other freaks

Even though every fifth user of the random chat gets naked in front of the camera, the resource was originally intended not for this purpose. Many users come to communicate and find new friends. They claim these freaks and the administration banns them. As a result, the site administration has limited access to the site to persons under the age of 18 and also restricts access to those who received 3 or more complaints.

  • Not only schoolchildren use ChatRoulette

According to statistics, the majority of cam chat users are people aged 18 to 24 years old. The second-largest category is 25-35-year-old users. This group is followed by middle-aged visitors who are 35-44 years old. And only then those who are less than eighteen come. What concerns gender, 70% of all users are men and the remaining 30% – are women.

  • Democracy in chat roulette

The site has a fairly democratic policy: its forum is actively discussing the functions that users would like to see on the site. The most popular discussion concerns the possibility of returning already skipped conversations. Many people want to have an opportunity to filter interlocutors’ gender.

  • ChatRoulette has become a pioneer of an entire industry

After the surge in popularity of the first ChatRoulette, many analogs began to appear. But not one of them has become so popular. There are analog cam chats that have divisions by geography (some of them are designed for residents of a particular country), by orientation (chat rooms for gays are very popular), or by sexual preference.

  • It is popular to troll users in ChatRoulette

Many users try to troll or scare interlocutors. Thus, some of them appear in the mask of Freddy Krueger or use frightening online masks in a random online chat.

  • Celebrities in ChatRoulette

Many Western celebrities were noticed in ChatRoulette. Among them, there are Jason Statham, Eminem, and Jessica Alba. There are many videos with other stars on the network, but some of them do not confirm that they used the resource.


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