My Story of How a Random Interlocutor in an Online Chat Saved my Family

My Story of How a Random Interlocutor in an Online Chat Saved my Family

My family life was on the edge. I felt like the whole abyss was between me and my husband. We quarreled frequently. I didn’t feel his care and love. This made me feel upset and gloomy.

He was at work that evening. I spent the whole evening alone in our flat. I decided to chat for a while in a random online chat to cheer up and let time go faster. One of my interlocutors was a pleasant intelligent guy. We started acquaintance. He was the first who introduced himself. He had a family and chatted in random chats just for fun.

Then it was my turn to tell about myself. I said that I had been married and wanted to divorce. He asked me why. I didn’t want to bother him with my problems. I didn’t have the purpose to find a shoulder to cry on. But he insisted.

I told him that my husband didn’t take care of me, I didn’t hear compliments and pleasant words. His attitude was cold and indifferent. And I met a man who was the exact opposite of my spouse. I felt that I could find a more suitable man for me. He said that it was not guaranteed that that second man would be just like I imagined him to be in reality.

We communicated for the whole evening. Our conversation was full of psychological thoughts, analysis, and ideas. He was a very intelligent and broad-minded person. He showed me my situation from the other side and made me take thought once again.

When our communication in a cam chat was close to the end, he decided to add each other to a friend list so that we have an opportunity to connect with each other the next time. I was glad to hear that and agreed.

When my husband came back home, we had a serious talk. I said everything I had in my head, we discussed all the trouble points. In my head, I gave the last chance to my husband. I decided to spend a few weeks more with him.

And these weeks changed our relations significantly. I couldn’t recognize my husband. It seemed that it was another man. He was just like my dream. And his behavior didn’t become worse over weeks or a month.

In parallel, we chatted with my interlocutor in a video chat. Over some months, we became friends. We knew each other better than others did. Over the years, we continue communication and meet in real life from time to time. We walk and talk, have fun; just like real friends.

This person saved my family, helped me find the way out when I needed a reliable person by my side. I helped him as well when he had problems with his family. So, I’m so glad that one day I visited the random online chat that gave me such a reliable friend.


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