Skype VS Zoom: Comparative Analysis of Two Video Chats for Tutoring

Skype VS Zoom: Comparative Analysis of Two Video Chats for Tutoring

An online education market is developing faster nowhere; sometimes, it seems that very soon offline lessons will cause surprise.

The choice of online platforms for conducting online lessons is also developing. However, many tutors remain faithful to classic tools and still use Skype for tutoring. Zoom is one of the first most popular rivals of Skype. This is a well-known service for holding webinars and conferences.

We tested both cam chats and compiled a list of their pros and cons, which will help you make the right choice:

Zoom Benefits

  • stable connection – disconnection is rather an exception than a rule;
  • requires less Internet traffic, which means it works faster;
  • requires less computer RAM;
  • different screen sharing options are available: you can choose a screen that will be displayed to students (and at the same time, a tutor can do something in another program), or choose a mode in which students see the same thing as you;
  • You can turn on a screen demonstration and draw on a special online interactive whiteboard;
  • Screen broadcasting from mobile devices is available (although the camera turns off).

Zoom disadvantages

  • Group conferences are available for only 40 minutes; then, you have to activate the paid version or reconnect all the participants once again;
  • The video chat has a complex interface and dashboard – users have to download it and learn how it works.

Skype Benefits

  • Popularity – everyone knows about the video chat. It is installed on most devices by default, which means that students will not have problems with installation and functionality;
  • An unlimited time of group conferences;
  • Screen broadcasting on mobile devices is available.

Skype disadvantages

  • Skype is a very “heavy” program; it draws a lot of PC’s resources and often freezes on weak computers;
  • It takes too much computer working power to broadcast video and sound. In its turn, this slows down the parallel operation of other programs and PC windows;
  • You can display only your screen demonstration, but not separate applications;

To conclude, it is necessary to say that if you used to work in Skype and you’re pleased with all its functionalities, probably there is no sense in switching to other video chat platforms. If there are constant problems with the cam chat, try Zoom as an alternative. Yes, you will have to ask students to install a new program on their devices, but this is worth your and their comfort during online classes.


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