How to respond to a declaration of love, if you do not love

How to respond to a declaration of love, if you do not love

“I do not love you”. How is it correct and polite to refuse a man in response to a love confession? Such situations, of course, happen less often than mutual love, but still we have to explain ourselves. So, how is it worthy to get out of the embarrassing situation? 

 There are some rules by which you will get out of this situation with dignity.

1. You do not have to love the one who loves you

You do not have to burn in response to his feelings. And you have the right not to reciprocate these feelings. And you don’t have to blame yourself for that. Of course, it is in your power and in your interest to respond to a man in love with you as politely and correctly as possible, not to hurt his feelings. Although your refusal will still be offensive one way or another. 

2. “I am unworthy of you. I am not worthy of your love

Self-rejection is not the most successful argument when a man refuses reciprocity. “You need another girl – calm / simple / complicated, etc.”. – are all options of one answer. But it is better not to say such phrases, if you do not want the discussion to drag on and the man starts to dissuade you that he needs you. It would be more correct to soften the rejection by saying that you are not ready for a relationship now, because you have different priorities. For example, you have a lot of work, study, and, in addition, you care for older parents.

3. Say something affectionate

If you are not ready to reciprocate, but also want to keep communication with a man, in this case it would be more correct to answer something like “I am very interested in you” or “I miss you. The word “love” in this situation should not sound. 

4. There is nothing more ridiculous than your proposal to stay friends

Many men sincerely believe that there is no friendship between a man and a woman. And they seriously believe that friendship between a man and a woman is a relationship of either former lovers or future lovers. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary hopes, it is better to replace the word “friendship” with “to see” or “to communicate”.

5. Choose the right place for such conversations

You should not voice your refusal to a man while on your own territory, for example, at home. After all, this way the man will experience double humiliation: apart from the rejection of reciprocity, it is as if you will kick him out of your home. It is better if it is a neutral territory – a cafe, a walk, a restaurant. The atmosphere should be comfortable, and interlocutors more or less calm. 


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