AHA review: video chat for friends and strangers

AHA review: video chat for friends and strangers

Are you tired of ordinary communication programs and the fact that you are always ignored by others? Are you tired of trying to mislead, dishonest information and lies about gender? Do you want to build a real friendship with people around the world without looking at their profile? Do you live in a place where it is too difficult to communicate with other people or you suffer from loneliness and you need to exchange thoughts, ideas or feelings with someone? Say goodbye to ordinary chat programs and text messages! Now you have an alternative in the form of AHA.

The main things to mention about the AHA application

AHA is a program for cell phones that allows you to make video calls. Video calls are the best way to communicate with other people and find friends, unlike regular text messaging programs. Just press the video chat button and the program will find a video chat partner for you in a random order. You can choose not only the sex of your partner, but also the region in which you want to find him. You will no longer face deception and disappointment when you find that you are communicating with a liar or dishonest person, as is often the case with ordinary text messaging programs.

Developers create a pure community, so any abusive behavior or violation of our terms of use will be taken seriously and will result in termination of your account.


Private user data will be encrypted and will not be pervasive. The only information shared with other users is information in your AHA profile that you can view. AHA will not have access to your location – you can control this in your phone privacy settings. You are responsible for any information you share with friends through AHA. The AHA also does not support taking any screenshots. So you can feel completely safe.

The main features of the application

This application has many features that will definitely attract you. Here are the main of them:

1. Gender and regional preferences.

2. Video chatting skills via 3G or 4G connection and Wi-Fi.

3. Registration via Facebook.

4. Unlimited text and video sharing with your friend worldwide.

5. Dozens of quality effects and filters to make you look better during video chat.

6. Ability to add new friends.

7. Ability to create an AHA user ID for easy adding friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and join this friendly community!


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